How to learn Korean (the right way)

Everything you know about learning Korean is dead wrong.

The 3 lies they tell you about learning Korean:

Lie 1: Learning Korean is difficult.

People who say this are usually trying to sell you bullshit products or trying to justify their failure. Korean is the same as every other language out there. It has its own alphabet, grammar and vocabulary. You already understood a lot of your native language when you were a toddler who was dumb enough to believe in the tooth fairy. There's no reason why Korean should be difficult to learn.

Lie 2: Learning Korean requires hard work/intense studying.

You wanna know what takes hard work? Try giving birth to triplets. The lie that language learning requres hard work or intense studying is perpretrated by people trying to make themselves seem better than the rest (spoiler: they aren't). Language learning doesn't need hard work. In fact, the laziest people who stay in their room and watch TV for hours per day are the ones who make the most progress (for reasons which we will go over later).

Lie 3: Learning Korean requires speaking.

Now don't get me wrong, improving your accent and output will require deliberate practice. But speaking does not help you acquire the language plain and simple. If that were true, there would be no need to learn Korean because the language would just spontaneously come out of your mouth (obviously doesn't happen). We learn languages by one way and one way only: through receiving comprehensible input. No one in the history of mankind has learnt a language through speaking, so you don't need to do it either.

How to actually learn Korean:

As mentioned above, we learn languages by one way and one way only: through receiving comprehensible input. So what is comprehensible input? Comprehensible input is simply messages in another language that can be understood by a receiver without the receiver necessarily understanding all the individual words or structures contained by the message. For more information check out Professor Stephen Krashen. In general, the more of the language you expose yourself to, the more comprehensible input you get and the more language you acquire. That's why weebs who watch anime for 12+ hours a day learn Japanese fast. Same applies to Korean, the more of the language you expose yourself to, the faster you will learn it. It's that simple. It's even easier if you are exposing yourself to fun content.

The Quick & Dirty Guide

And that's all there is to it. As you immerse, you start to develop your own routine that you enjoy. Remember, fun is the key. As long as you are having fun and immersing, the language will come to you.

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